Down Time, Talk Time

Personal Information

My name is Leah Valtman. I am 20 years old, will be turning the awesome age of 21 in February. I am currently enrolled in school at Texas Wesleyan University, where I play collegiate soccer for the women's team. I have played soccer since I was five years old and it has become a part of my life and one of my true passions. My major is exercise science. Once done with my undergraduate years at Wesleyan, I plan to attend Physical Therapy school to become a physical therapist.

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Reflective Questions

What is the url to your webfolio?

How did you utilize your opportunity to revise your work this semester? What did you change in each paper specifically? Please discuss not only the editing out of sentence-level errors, which are lower-level concerns, but also any revision concerning higher-level concerns, such as the development of ideas, addressing the audience’s needs, fulfilling the purpose of the assignment, and reorganizing the paper.
With sentence-level errors i had problems with commas and the parenthesis MLA citations. Those being easy fixes, in my first paper I had some run on sentences and some ideas that weren’t explained enough when I was talking about how women can help themselves to prevent date rape. When I saw this I tried to explain a little better and add a few sentences.

How has your writing changed over the course of the semester? Please be specific about any particular aspects of your writing that you worked on this semester.
I believe that I have found out how to make writing more fun and easier for me. Before this class I’ve never really been into writing, but the freedom with topics gave me the opportunity to write about stuff fI enjoy talking about so it was easier for me to, actually, do the assignments.

Please describe your thoughts about completing the web project? How was your experience participating in this type of writing project different from your experience writing a more traditional essay?
The web project wasn’t much different from writing a normal essay because first we just wrote the essay. The only different part was having to make the website, which was a creative final that I liked doing and wouldn’t mind doing again.

Has creating a web project changed the way you perceive of “writing,” or your perception of yourself as a “writer”? If so, please explain.
In a way, because anyone in the world can read your paper now, so I always had that in the back of my mind when I was writing my papers. It made me work harder on trying to make my essays easier to understand to anyone other then just me.

Could you describe how motivation affected your work this semester? Were you more or less motivated to complete any of the particular assignments this semester as compared to others? What do you think positively and negatively affected your motivation to work on the projects this semester?
Well, at the beginning of the semester, beginning of summer, I wasn’t motivated at all because it was summer and I didn’t really want to do more class. Later, I got into the class mostly because I didn’t want or need another C or dropped class so I worked to get A’s and B’s to up my GPA hopefully.

What do you feel were your successes this semester? What were your struggles?
My success was definitely my define: soccer paper. I had a blast writing that essay so much that I typed over 1000 words instead of the required 700. Struggles: getting into the class at the beginning and seeing myself get C’s on quizzes that I thought I had the right answer to every question.

What do you feel are the strengths of your webfolio?
My design is simple and easy to navigate but it’s not your boring company style style. It’s more of a relaxed, bloggish, and talk-when-you-want-about-what-you-want style.

If you had more time, how would you improve your webfolio and the projects included in it?
I’d probably add more pictures to it. Probably spend the money to get my own domain. Maybe, add a few pages about stuff I like to entertain more.

What are the weaknesses of the projects in your webfolio?
I don’t really have any major weaknesses on it.

How do you think your webfolio and your work within it compares to that of other students in the class? Is it stronger, weaker, or average?
I believe it’s pretty strong. I added some other stuff that wasn’t required to make it more personal.

What grade do you think your webfolio should earn and why?
I believe I deserve an A because it contains all the requirements. Said requirements are at an above average work level for myself and compared to others. Plus, I’ve added extra tidbits to grab attention and make it more personable.